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CRC - Community Relations Committee.

The Community Relations Committee consists of Matlacha Mariners who are dedicated to community support issues.  This is a perpetual committee where its members may change form time to time but its policies, procedures and support objectives are structured to provide impartial consideration to all applicants.

Donation Request Form For Organizations and Groups:

Before submitting an application please review the CRC Policy and Procedures.   click here to review Policy and Procedures
For Organizations, IRS Form W-9 may be required.    click here for W-9
A signed Privacy release form must be submitted with your application.    click here for the Privacy Release Form
To download the Donation Request Form for Groups & Organizations     click here For Organization Request Form

Donation Requests From Individuals:
Due to the overlap of services provided by other organizations in the Greater Pine Island Area, the Matlacha Mariners are currently asking that you file your requests or seek support through one of the following organizations.
We are confident they will do their best to assist you.

F.I.S.H.  (Fellow Islanders Sending Help)    239-283-4442
The Beacon of Hope    239-283-5123
The Pine Island Food Pantry    282-9392 or 283-1979

If for some reason you are unable to get help through one of the organizations listed above please send a brief letter to Us explaining your situation we will be glad to help if at all possible.  Before we can take any action that may result in providing you with assistance you will still need to submit a Privacy Release Statement.
 A signed Privacy release form must be submitted with your letter.    click here for the Privacy Release Form

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