The 25th Annual Mullet Toss Championship  

Saturday March 19, 2016...Starts 11:00am to 4pm
          Location: Matlacha Community Park   

             (Behind Blue Dog Restaurant" - Second left after the Matlacha Bridge

We are having an Art Competition to design the artwork for our Posters, T-Shirts and The Website.
The deadline for entries is Jan 30, 2016. Entries may be dropped off at The Trader's Hitching Post at 4618 Pine Island Rd in Matlacha. The winner will receive a $100.00 cash prize.

     Contact: Rick Williams at 239-898-5004
     Vendor Coordinator: Lisa Dence (Old Fish House Marina) 239-321-3281
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Contact Information

Event Coordinator:
Garth  Moreau
(239) 283-8337

Vendor Coordinator:
Frank Harrison at: 239-777-9399

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A Matlacha "Mullet Toss Poem by Randall Toye.....


It was a sunny day
In Matlacha
When two strangers came to town.
Though they came for the art
They ended up in the park
Where the locals had gathered round
To eat and rejoice
And be merry of voice
For the day was
The day of their wish,
When the young of the town
And the old of renown
Would each get to throw a fish.

Into this scene,
Like a piscatorial dream,
Chanced our strangers
From out of the West.
The crowd was roaring,
As the fish were soaring,
To see whose throw was the best.

"Who will be next?"
The maestro said
As he looked to the crowd
With glee,
As I turned to my mate
She pointed to the gate
And I said to the maestro "It's me!"

I reached for the fish
And got my wish
When my hand held one coated
With silk.
My love was smiling
And the crowd was sighing
And the air was thick as milk.

With love in my gullet
And in my hand a mullet
I stepped to the line
And threw.
The fish arced in the sun
As if fired from a gun
And the mullet flew straight and true.

The crowd gasped
As the sun flashed
Off the scales of this fish
Of dreams.
Children ran down the course
Yelling themselves hoarse
At the most amazing sight they'd seen.

Across the park
It shot like a dart
As it made for the town
And the square,
And the crowd stampeded
Until they succeeded
In finding the little fish there.

It had painted a painting
Of a young maiden fainting
And was sitting at a table
For three.
With a smile on its face
And a great deal of grace
It was waiting for you and for me.

In this the last verse
Of this poem not the first,
Here is all that you need to know:
The fish became famous
Hired an agent named Amos
And got his own latenite talk show.

 Randall Toye