Bubbas Roadhouse & Saloon

The "Paella" Was a Hit !

Captain Curleys "Seafood Stew"

With Crew

It Didn't last Long !



Pine Bay Seafood

Robert Weeks & Friends

The Waterfront Restaurant & Marina

All Three Kept everyone
"Very happy"
With a Fine Assortment
of Fresh Seafood

A Couple of Satisfied Customers

Out back with a Bowl
of Curleys Seafood Stew.

It's Just The Beginning

of a Really Busy Day.

Under Cover Staging Area 

where many great local bands played
throughout the day.

It took a lot of people

and effort
to do everything that needed
to be done.

Thanks a Boatload !

The Matlacha Marines ~  First Annual Matlacha Seafood Festival.
The Marines held their first annual seafood festival on April 14th. 2002.  Everyone was completely surprised by the fantastic turn out.  Sense this was our first event ever, the membership continued to wonder how do we prepare for an event like this, how much should be prepared, how many beverages should we get (and what kind), what will the weather be like and so on, but the weather was great and the people came by the droves.  It was such a great day it looks like we will have to do it again....   Once Again Many Thanks to Everyone !!