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Open to men who are at least 21 years of age. 
Members Should Always:
   1. Do their best to set a good example for others in the community.
   2. Try to be a positive role model for today's youth and tomorrow's leaders. 
   3. When possible, participate in fund raising projects or other special events organized by the Mariners. 
   4. Try to help or assist other local charities and organizations. 

   Your membership is a vehicle that should result in some degree of personal satisfaction, knowing that your involvement is making a difference to others. Eligibility and qualifications for all members shall be prescribed by resolutions adopted by the Board of Directors and voted on by the membership at large. Membership to the Matlacha Mariners is personal and not transferable.

We Need Both Active And Passive Members:

Active:  Active participants would be a major assist to those that are currently driving the organizations efforts.  On occasion, what should be fun can become a chore when there are not enough folks to share the load.  Another 5 helpers would change all the projects to fun.  Another 10 could turn it into a party.
Passive:  We can’t have too many passive members. Your support is welcome in whatever way you can give it.

Membership Dues Are Just Twenty Dollars For an Annual Membership. 
Your $20 tax-deductible donation will ultimately end up supporting the community, providing you with a income tax benefit, and give you the opportunity to get your $20 back by presenting your membership card for discounts at many of our local businesses.

Join At A Mariners Meeting - Your membership fee can be paid at any of our regular meetings directly to our Treasurer.

Join by Mail - Click This Link :   Printable Membership Form & Update Renewal Form
       Print the application form, fill it out and then send it in with your check for $20.00 TO:
       Matlacha Mariners, Inc. ~ P.O. Box 21 ~ Matlacha, Florida 33993

Join or Renew On-Line  
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